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Welcome to s 9th century rpg, location: The British Isles, known as only as Viking Roads RPG!

A free rpg of mythic and historical fantasy VR has something for the adventurous at heart. Set in the 9th century, this online rpg game offers epic quests and and adventures online as you travel the trade routes of the Vikings as a merchant earning a fortune as you barter, buy and sell your way across the land. Become a resistance fighter, defending  your home and country against the viking raiders. Be a Viking conqueror, subduing other people and countries while earning fame, lands, titles and furthering the cause of your people as you battle your way across Europe. Learn magic and battle the supernatural, create chaos or restore order, while developing new uses for your craft. Become a priest and seek to vanquish the forces of evil, or perhaps corrupt the church and its people. Tell the tales and adventures of the magic, mystery, intrigue and war as you travel along as a bard, earning the favors of royalty, nobility and commoners alike. Be a spy or a thief, stealing possessions and vital government and military documents. Be an assassin or mercenary fighter, selling your services where they are most needed. Be the next Joan of Arc, spreading equality where there once was none. Change history forever if you dare! The choices are as endless and the land and sea routes known only as:

Viking Roads!

Please note: This game is a fully interactive rpg, played on message boards  in a moderated free-form style of play. We do not pretend to be a game that just anyone can play or even a game that just anyone would want to play, so check out the boards before you begin. As a historical game, characters created for other such genres as Xena, or sci-fi may not fit in well and are likely to get rejected. Final approval of characters for play is the sole discretion of the Archmages and the Creative Design team and will be based on historical accuracy and playability. Please see the player guidelines and character creation pages for more information! Again, welcome to VR! We hope you will find your time with us enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you on the boards! ~~~Thanks!!!~~~

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A fully interactive online RPG played in the 9th century as the people of the time could only have imagined it being. This RPG game is a free online RPG game, so take a look around by following the links below, or follow the links to character creation to see the wide variety of opportunities available for character play, and then create your character to begin! Please Note: This rpg is subject to certain rules for player conduct which are strictly enforced, so please check out the player guidelines before you begin posting! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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